A true vaper like you would never miss a chance to dig into the history of vaping, even if it’s completely out of curiosity. It is from where you will get to know about the person who came up with this concept and turned himself into the “vape god” as we know him today. Tracing the history of vaping will also tell you how it has evolved. Knowing it along with the fact how fast technology is changing for better, you can also look into the future of vaping where e-cigs and e juice with nicotine or none will continue to develop as well – there’s no doubt about it.

The Beginning
It was in 1963 when Herbert A. Gilbert patented the first ever electronic cigarette. In an interview, he said, “There are some people out there like me who find inhaling burnt stuff gross. To them, I observed, it sounded great whenever any idea of inhaling vapours of an e liquid, which is now known by the name of e juice in nicotine, was presented. So, I have done what any normal human being would have done and used logic to create a smoking alternative, which doesn’t rely on the need for combustion. (okay, perhaps not any average human being – I am not good enough to even cook a readymade meal on my own.)” So, that’s how and when vaping came into being.

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Halted & Revived
Even though e-cig Australia was given to the world way back in the 1960s, it took them almost four decades to find success with the primitive generation. Herbert moved heaven and earth to make his invention count among other life-changing inventions; he was pitching his idea to this or that manufacturer, but nobody believed in him and his patent lapsed. Why; because nobody felt any need to look for an alternative to smoking. It seemed everybody was happy with smoking back then. So, Herbert’s idea of vaping e juice in nicotine was left to rot until 2006. In 2006, Hon Lik from China brought vaping back from the brink, to the spotlight and gave modern e-cig to the world, wrapped in the attractive packaging of smoking alternative, just at the time when it couldn’t be appreciated more.

After that
Hon Lik’s device was made up of a plastic cartridge that held an earlier version of e-juice, a battery and an ultrasonic atomiser. Ultrasonic atomisers of yore have slowly given way to cartomizers which are found in most cig-a-likes that are now available on the market. The reason is that the latter ones are user-friendly, disposable and known for producing great flavours from e juice in nicotine. Even so, atomisers have not completely vanished from the scene. They are still here but in their better versions. In the noughties, e-cigs gained a lot of traction in the market, mainly becoming popular among the millennials.

With time, people are more and more experimenting and improving the way they vape e juice in nicotine. It is possible because nothing about vaping is complex. As more and more people are jumping on this bandwagon and demanding for more, it has led the way to a niche market catering with varieties of batteries, mods, e juice and accessories. Now, electronic cigarettes are offered in all shapes and sizes – most of which are customizable as well. There’s an endless variety of e-cigs available on the market: digital mods with variable temperature settings, pen-shaped mods, mechanical ones with hassle-free circuitry, cylindrical mods and box mods (and we can go on and on to prove the point. Hope you get it!) No wonder, with its staggering popularity, the future of vaping looks promising.