The four major destinations of Grand Canyon helicopter tours are south rim, Grand Canyon west, Grand Canyon east and the north rim. The agencies of Grand Canyon helicopter tour arrange their services to the different areas of the same regions and the differences in the services make the customers make attracted to the teams more. But many of the service guests are confused about the best rim in the Grand Canyon. Thus it is relevant to know more about the features of each rim. Thus let us first look at the south rim of the Grand Canyon. In fact the south rim is the most attracted rim around the world and the major photographs and pictures of Grand Canyon also are about the south rim. It is a widely accepted fact that most of the magazines and websites contain the same pictures.

There are two dozen close viewpoints in the south rim which the guests can enjoy the Grand Canyon. Each of the viewpoints has its own attributes which is quite attractive and comfortable for the guest. The Colorado River in the south rim also increases the beauty of the viewpoint. What makes the south rim the most convenient spot for the guests is because of the easy accessibility? There is only a distance of five hours from the lass Vegas or phoenix. In fact the point is also very accessible from the different European countries. The commuter flights offered in this area is the next attraction.


The commuter flights in the south rim also make it attractive on the Grand Canyon copter rides which are offered in the areas like flagstaff, Arizona or page Lake Powell etc… It is also a widely accepted fact that the south rim is commonly chosen by the visitors who are for the first time in the Grand Canyon. Why the visitors are attracted to the south rim in such a manner is not just because of the beautiful views but the services and facilities for visitors which are complete family oriented. The rim is located seven thousand feet above the sea level and has four seasons that is distinct.

The seasons of the south rim affects the grand canyon chopper trips since the summer time makes the atmosphere warm and dry while the monsoons are present with the storms especially in July and august. The temperature difference in the day and night also affects the entire truism in the region. However the spring season is the most suitable period for tourism. The nights in that time also complements the Grand Canyon aircrafts travelling. The area was started to be the main attraction of the helicopter rides since the 1850s.

There are many rims and areas of Grand Canyon helicopter tour among which the south rim has got many advantages like the seasonal benefits and family oriented customer services. The facilities in that area also attract the customers more than the beautiful views. Most of the travel agencies prefer the south rim during rides.