Marriage is something that can either be the greatest adventure of your life, or potentially the biggest mistake you have ever made. Many people get hitched very young when they haven’t really finished being independent and this leads to common divorce inducing issues like infidelity.

A prenup lawyer is someone you might wish you has spoken to when you’re going through a messy divorce where your ex is bitterly fighting you every step of the way. This is because they specialise in helping soon-to-be-wed couples enter into a binding financial agreement (BFA). Just like an an executor of will in NSW who deals with property litigation once a family member has died, a prenup lawyer also deals with each individual’s possession before entering a marriage.

A binding financial agreement is functionally identical to a prenuptial agreement used in the United States. It allows couples to set out how their assets will be split and how parenting arrangements will be handled in case a divorce takes place in the future.

There are obvious benefits to going this route, chiefly that couples can set out the terms of a divorce before it takes place and therefore be prepared should the worst occur. This gives people more control and peace of mind about getting married as they won’t feel as though they are potentially signing away half of their hard-earned assets.

However, many people choose not to engage a prenup lawyer because they don’t think they will ever get divorced, or because they think taking this kind of precaution is a sign, they don’t have faith in their relationship. In reality, it’s simply a mature precautionary step that acknowledges the vast majority of marriages don’t work out.

Let’s take a look at some tips for maintain your marriage so you don’t end up wishing you had engaged a prenup lawyer.


1.     Have children

While the notion of having a child in order to rekindle a troubled marriage is often mocked as a desperate and naive course of action, it isn’t always a bad idea. Many couples do indeed find the adventure and challenge of child rearing something that connects them and gives them a new appreciation for the bonds they have.

However, make sure you think very carefully about this as if it doesn’t work you’ve ended up bringing children into the world who are going to experience their parents divorcing. It is not fair to raise children in a family that you are unsure you want to commit to.


2.     Marriage counselling

Marriage counselling is another good tactic to use to you can avoid wishing you had called a prenup lawyer. Basically, you speak with a 3rd party marriage therapist who is clinically trained in helping couples transcend whatever issues are affecting their marriage.

Sometimes the counsellor will recommend that you take a break or divorce, so you need to take that into consideration. Just because marriage counselling works for other couples does not mean it will work for you as your differences with your spouse might be too advanced to remedy.


3.     Be sure about who you marry

While this advice might seem like too little too late, not everyone reading this will be married yet. While you can always avoid wishing you had hired a prenup lawyer by actually hiring one before getting married, an equally sound defence is to make sure you don’t rush into marriage and wait for the perfect person.

There you have it, 3 ways you can avoid wishing you had engaged a prenup lawyer prior to getting married.